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Developed for the harsh conditions in the Texas weather environment, this conditioner is a must for the show enthusiast.  As a weekly conditioner, a daily conditioner or just to make your coat "feel MOIST".  Your dogs will love it and so will you.

What is NakedCare?

The product replaces the shine and luster of your dog's coat while intensifying colors.  You can literally see the volume of the coat "grow" with the FIRST application.  Conditioning without softening, Naked Care leaves the texture soft and natural, yet full bodied.  There is no residue and the skin is soothed and healthy.  Guard hairs are opened to moisture and to accept your normal conditioner.

Naked care is a coat conditioner that although it won't make your dogs hair grow, it will make him look like he has more hair than he does. Instead of laying flat against the skin, it boosts the hair follicle and gives it more oomph making the coat miraculously appear to be plusher. Pigment looks richer and more vibrant.

You mix the product with water in a spray bottle. It may be applied weekly or daily. Not only does the coat look more luxurious, but it makes the dog feel better as well. You can feel the high quality of this product by the way it makes your own hands look and feel. The smell is yummy!

Naked Care is not just for the show dog. It's for anyone who wants their dog's coat to look healthier and shinier. This product makes your dog look so darn good that heads turn when he walks into a room.

There are no harsh chemicals in this product. The ingredients are: Aloe, Panthenol, Wheat Protein, Jojoba Oil, and Moisturizers & Detanglers.
All natural, no silicone, a Totally Green Product.